DIY Kids Citrus Bird Feeder



Birds are fun to watch throughout the day, and they're also beneficial to our yards and gardens! They eat insects that can bother us and our plants and they help pollinate plants so we get lots of flowers, veggies and fruits. Here is a fun and easy hands-on activity to entertain the kids at home and feed your feathered friends in the garden.


Citrus fruit (1 fruit makes 2 feeders)

Use the fruit in your garden, baseball size or larger is ideal for this project.

Wooden skewer

Roll of twine

Audubon Bird Seed

We have a great selection of bird seed to suit the birds that favor your garden. 

Step 1


Have an adult cut the oranges in half; each half will make one bird feeder.

Step 2


Carefully scoop out the inside of the orange, only leaving the peel.

Have a snack while you work! Oranges are delicious and healthy.

Step 3


Carefully poke holes into the sides of your peel, about a half inch below the edge. Cut two strands of twine per orange, approximately 12 inches long.

Step 4


Tie twine ends through the holes in your oranges, and then tie twine together at the top to create a hanger.

Step 5


Fill your bird feeder with bird seed. 

Step 6


Hang your bird feeder on a tree limb near a window or patio and watch birds dine on their food.

Hang at different heights for different birds, at least three feet off the ground. Some bird species like to be up low to the ground while others feel safer up high.

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