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Plant a Mixed Border

Full Sun

Step 1

Choose a sunny part of your garden that gets a minimum of six hours of direct sun.

drawing of a garden

Step 2

Prepare the soil by removing any weeds, grass, or other undesirable plants. Amend the soil by applying a 2 inch layer of Pike Planting Mix. Also add E.B. Stone Sure Start fertilizer. Thoroughly mix these into your soil to a 6- to 8-inch depth.

drawing of a garden

Step 3

Using the illustration as a guide, place taller-growing plants to the rear, mid-size plants in the middle, and short, spreading plants at the front. Remember to space them according to their needs.

drawing of a garden

Step 4

Dig holes that are twice the width and half again the depth of the pot the plants are growing in. Add a ¼ cup of Sure Start in the bottom of the hole, mixing it with the soil. Place the plants in, filling with soil and compacting firmly with your hands.

drawing of a garden

Step 5

As you plant, make a small "water well" with the extra soil around each plant. This will hold extra water, ensuring that each plant gets the water needed to become established.

drawing of a garden

Step 6

As your border kicks into high gear, you may need to remove spent flowers. This is called "deadheading." This will encourage more blooms and keep things looking tidy. Annuals rarely need deadheading. Perennials generally do. Flowering shrubs such as roses do.

drawing of a garden

Step 7

Since the plants you've chosen are heavy bloomers, they'll need supplemental feeding as the months progress. Use a high phosphorus (that's the middle number in the 3-digit NPK number) food, such as E.B. Stone Ultra Bloom.

drawing of a garden

Mixed boarders overflowing with flowering plants seem to be everyone's ideal. Containing a mixture of perennials and annuals and evening flowering shrubs, they'll provide gorgeous color from early spring through fall. This project will take most of a weekend, but will be well worth it!

Plant List

  • Daylily
  • Yarrow
  • Garden Phlox
  • Delphinium
  • Liatris
  • Encore Azalea
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Black and Blue Salvia
  • Rudbeckia Gold Mound spirea
  • Lamb's ear
  • Foxgloves
  • Veronica
  • Iris