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Homegrown Harvest


Cool Season Vegetables

Stay healthy this year with nutritious leafy greens and root crops. Locally grown by Armstrong in our large cells so you get bigger roots with fuller, healthier plants for a faster harvest. Plant in garden beds or in pots in full sun. Quantities are limited. Vegetable 6-pack 5.99

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Add fresh flavor to homecooked meals with beautiful, aromatic herbs. Choose from our wide array of high-quality plants, in unique varieties. Great in garden beds or mixed containers in full sun, they're practically ready-to-harvest. Locally grown by Armstrong. 4 inch 4.99

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Strawberries Super Jumbo 6-Pack 

Plant strawberries now, to establish roots for spring flowers and large crops of sweet, summer fruit. Our unique super-jumbo multipack has six robust plants, in our favorite varieties, ready to thrive in your garden. Plant in a full sun area, great in garden beds, containers, and hanging baskets. Locally grown by Armstrong. 6-pack 5.99

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Low in calories yet high in fiber and vitamins, with anti-aging effects. A summer favorite, tasty eaten fresh, frozen or preserved. Vigorous vines grow to six feet tall, great on a trellis or on a fence. Plant in full sun and harvest multiple crops, based on variety. 2 Liter 16.99

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‘Bountiful Blue’ Blueberry 

Antioxidant rich fruit are healthful and delicious. Enjoy homegrown berries for years to come when you plant two or more in full sun, and in acidic soil. Grows three to four feet tall and wide, great in containers or in garden beds in full sun. 2 Gal. 39.99

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A great source of fiber, vitamin C, & antioxidants; a must-have in your diet. This showy plant bears clusters of white spring blooms that produce sweet, delicious fruit. Choose from the best assortment of shrub or vining types for garden beds or pots in full sun. 2 Liter 16.99

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Deciduous Fruit Trees 

Let us help you pick the right fruit trees for your garden, now is the best time to plant. All of our deciduous fruit trees can be kept to a backyard-size with summer pruning- great in the garden or even a large pot, in full sun. Plant with confidence; we believe in the quality of our trees so much we guarantee them for life. 5 Gal. starting at 49.99

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Persimmon ‘Fuyu’ 

Enjoy layers of flavor with notes of pear, dates, brown sugar and cinnamon. Harvest non-astringent fruit in fall wonderful to eat fresh from the garden or use in breads, cookies and even pasta. This prolific deciduous fruit tree thrives in full sun. 5 Gal. 69.99

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Dwarf Fruit Trees 

Enjoy an orchard, even in small-space gardens with delicious & prolific varieties. These miniature trees feature full size fruit & robust flavor. Compact to about five to six feet tall and wide, perfect to grow in the landscape or large pots in full sun. 5 Gal. 49.99

Continue the legacy of California-grown citrus, right in your backyard. 

Citrus Trees 

These highly ornamental evergreens offer fruit & beauty year-round. Vigorous and easy-to-grow in well- draining soil in full sun. Smaller-growing types like 'Meyer Lemons,' & others can be kept about six feet tall and wide, ideal in large containers. Or choose from 'Mexican Thornless Limes,' 'Eureka Lemons,' and others that grow from 15 to 20 feet, excellent in the landscape. 5 Gal. starting at 49.99

Citrus unavailable at Anaheim Hills, Claremont, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Habra, Monrovia, Novato, Pasadena, Tustin.

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Don't Forget the Flowers


Blooming Colorpacks 

Enjoy instant satisfaction with our stunning annuals. Choose from a wide selection of annuals for full sun to part shade, grown in larger cells so you get bigger roots, healthier plants, & more colorful flowers now through spring. Jumbo 6-packs 3.99


Cal Bloomers 

Don't forget the flowers, keep your garden inspiring and colorful. Selected by our growers for our unique California climate, you'll enjoy instant, non-stop blooms throughout winter and beyond while attracting pollinators. Great in garden beds, pots, and hanging baskets in full sun. Locally grown by Armstrong. 4 inch 5.99


Pink Jasmine 

Known for pink-white blooms with intense aroma. This vigorous evergreen vine is budded and ready to bloom; plant now to enjoy its full display on trellis, arbor or on a fence. Reaches up to 15 feet tall in full sun. 5 Gal. 39.99

Start in the Soil

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Dr. Earth ‘Mother Land’ Planting Mix 

Amending your soil is key when you're planting fruit trees, vegetables, or any plant in the ground. This nutrient-rich garden conditioner will improve soil structure to balance moisture retention and drainage, for a healthier garden. Simply mix 50/50 with your native garden soil. 1.5 cu ft bag 9.99

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Liquinox Vitamin B-1 

Essential for dormant fruit trees, soak root ball with a simple solution of Vitamin B-1 and water to activate the roots & prevent transplant shock. 1 Qt. bottle 6.99


Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers 

This easy-to-apply, 100% organic, slow-release formula provides the nutrients veggies and fruit need to develop a strong root system, lush foliage, and bountiful harvests. Expertly crafted with a range of formulas for every plant project. Our horticulturists can help you pick the perfect blend for your garden. 4 lb. 12.99

Enjoy the most popular lawn choice for Southern California homes.

Marathon Turf 

Well suited to our soil and climate, it stays green year round and tolerates heat. Choose Original Marathon for durability and up to 40% shade tolerance or Marathon II with refined appearance, balancing beauty and easy care.

Sod by the Piece or in Bulk
Let us take the guesswork out of your project with home delivery and professional installation services. Call ahead to order.

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Lawn Care

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Lawn Seed

Whether starting a new lawn or filling in patches late winter is a perfect time to establish seed. 1 lb. starting at 8.99


Bonide Crabgrass & Weed Preventer with Fertilizer 

Apply now to keep your lawn pristine, control crabgrass and other weeds. Enjoy four weeks of protection, to stop crabgrass seeds from sprouting and to eliminate seedlings. Do not apply to newly seeded lawns. Safe to use on cool and warm season turf grasses. Treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. 16 lb. bag 29.99


Bonide Premium Lawn Food 

Apply this premium fertilize now to new lawns or when reseeding your lawn. Contains iron for quick greening and slow-release nitrogen to provide continuous feeding. Great on all cool & warm season turf grasses. Rain-fast. Treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. 16 lb. bag 24.99

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All Trees & Shrubs Guaranteed for Life*


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