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Heat-Loving Shrubs

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Caesalpinia ‘Mexican Bird of Paradise’ 

Commonly called red bird of paradise, this semi-evergreen shrub has bright red, orange, & yellow flowers spring through fall that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It thrives in full sun & is waterwise once established. Unavailable at Del Mar & Bay Area stores. 3-gal. pot 39.99

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Leucophyllum ‘Texas Ranger’

'Texas Ranger' A stunning addition to the garden with silvery green, soft-to-the-touch evergreen foliage. This tough waterwise shrub grows five to eight feet tall in full sun. Branches burst forth with repeating blooms in vivid magenta throughout summer and fall. Unavailable at Del Mar & Bay Area stores. 5-gal. pot 34.99

a close up of a flower


Perfect for hot, full sun California gardens with clusters of blooms in hues of yellow, orange, red and more. Waterwise once established, great in for a wide range of uses, mature size ranges based on the variety. 5-gal. pot from 24.99

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Plumbago ‘Royal Blue’ 

Easy-care, waterwise evergreen that loves full sun. A vine-like shrub covered with clusters of sky blue blooms spring through fall. Perfect to train to a fence as a privacy screen or on a hillside as mounding ground cover. 5-gal. pot starting at 32.99

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Ideal for hot, sunny California gardens, this evergreen beauty bears vibrant blooms in nearly every color, practically year-round. Enjoy colorful impact on large vining types in the landscape or compact shrubs in pots. 5-gal. pot from 34.99

a close up of a flower

Tecoma ‘Yellow Bells’

This waterwise shrub produces abundant yellow trumpet-shaped blooms spring through early fall that attract hummingbirds. It grows three to six feet tall, a perfect backdrop in the full sun landscape. 5-gal. pot 39.99

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Dr. Earth Organic ‘Mother land’ All Purpose Planting Mix 

Give new plants the right start with this premium quality planting mix. Blend with your native soil at planting time to create optimal soil nutrition and drainage, to promote strong roots for a beautiful, vigorous garden. 1.5-cu.ft. bag 9.99

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Dr. Earth Organic ‘Root Zone’ Fertilizer

Planting time is your best opportunity to feed at the roots. Easy to use, simply apply this special blend to reduce transplant shock and promote healthy roots to support lush foliage & impressive blooms. 4-lb. bag 11.99

Plants for the Home

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Ficus lyrata ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’ 

Create a statement in any living space, from your bedroom to your home office. Featuring large waxy leaves on trees that can grow up to ten-feet tall. Excellent choice to remove toxins from the air in high light conditions. Pick from compact shrubs or tree types. Selection varies by store. 10, 12, and 14-in. pots available.

a green plant

Monstera deliciosa

Create a bold, tropical accent in your home. Glossy green leaves with deep cuts & wide holes lend two of its nicknames: 'Split-leaf philodendron' and 'Swiss-cheese plant.' Prefers medium to high light indoors. Availability varies by store. 6-in. pot starting at 19.99

a green plant


Often called 'Snake Plant' for its wavy, upright foliage in shades of green. Perfect for any space in your home, as it thrives in little light & with even less water. Plus, this beauty naturally purifies your home, by removing toxins in the air. 6-in. pot from 14.99

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Dr. Earth ‘Pot of Gold’ Organic All Purpose Potting Soil 

Specifically formulated for the unique needs of potted plants both indoors and out. Enjoy vigorous growth with all natural ingredients safe for people and pets. Available in larger sizes, 8-qt. bag 5.99

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Houseplant Pottery 

The right container makes a houseplant shine. Pick from our huge array of pottery in unique styles, shapes, and colors to perfectly coordinate with your home or office. Selection varies by location.

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Armstrong Grown Annuals

Inspire smiles in your neighborhood with a garden full of vibrant color for seasons to come. Choose from our favorite varieties of Zinnias, Marigolds, Dianthus, and more, perfect to create instant dazzling displays in flower beds or container gardens in full sun. Selection varies by store. Locally grown by Armstrong. 4-in. pot 1.99

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Perfect for the landscape or pots both outdoors & in. Create dynamic, year-round interest by mixing and matching contrasting sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. Selection varies by store. 4-in. pots and larger sizes available.

NEW Mad About Mangave® Collection

The hottest succulent is the new Mangave. A cross between the genus Manfreda with its eye-catching foliage patterns and fast growth with the habit of an Agave. The result is a stunning, no-fuss succulent with the coolest colors and patterns perfect as a feature in the landscape or containers. Plant in full to part sun. 10-in. pot 39.99

a close up of a plant

Mangave ‘Mission to Mars’ 

Named after the Red Planet, with intricate burgundy leaves, artfully splotched with green speckles and edged with cinnamon colored spines. Grows about one foot tall & two feet wide, ideal to showcase in your rock garden.

a close up of a green plant

Mangave ‘Falling Waters’ 

Thick blue-green leaves have an arching, wavy habit resembling falling water. Beautifully curled leaves have deeply toothed margins and feature faint lavender freckles. Grows nearly one foot tall and two feet wide.

a close up of a plant

Mangave ‘Inkblot’ 

Slightly curled dark green foliage is detailed with deep burgundy speckles. Its leaves curl upward showcasing white spines. Grows just six to eight inches tall making it perfect as the main attraction in pots or in a border.

a close up of a cactus

Cereus peruvianus monstrose 

A specimen cactus with irregular twisting, gray- blue foliage with large white night-blooming flowers. Grows 15 to 20 feet tall in full to part sun. 5-gal. pot 49.99

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Dr. Earth ‘Exotic Blend’ Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix

A perfect soil blend that provides optimal drainage for waterwise succulents. Ready-to-use for container plants outdoors or in, or amend 50/50 with your garden soil for in-ground planting. 20-qt. bag 8.99

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