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Our Current Offerings

Spring Veggies

    Now is the time to start planting all of your favorite spring vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and more. Choose from all of your favorite varieties along with new, interesting tomatoes and peppers. Grab the family and plant them in a garden or even a pot and get ready to harvest your own produce.

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Gourmet Delights

New in the Pantry

Try out our new range of gourmet delights inspired by nature. From jams and oils to Italian pasta and sauces, it's time to fill your pantry with garden-inspired goodies. Create a luxury tablescape with beautifully crafted servingware, cutting boards and more.

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California Classics

Shrubs for any Occasion 

Create structure and form in your garden with these horticulturalist-approved shrubs. The possibilities are endless with a reliable shrub - create a privacy hedge, a lush green wall, or add boundaries to your garden beds. Chosen for their disease resistance, reliability, and beauty - there is a Calclassic for you, whatever your needs.

All our trees and shrubs come with a lifetime guarantee.

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Horticulturists are Here to Help 

Sharing garden expertise is the backbone of Armstrong. We pride ourselves on education and always staying at the forefront of horticultural knowledge. Our associates are always here to answer your questions, give advice or listen to your exciting garden projects!

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The Right Start

Foundations are essential for any planting job

  • California's native soil has less than 5% organic matter - meaning it is primarily mineral, sand & clay. It is lacking in nutrients and is not an ideal home for most garden plants.
  • All our soil offerings are loaded with mycorrhizae which is a beneficial fungus that attached itself to the roots of plants and acts as an extender to reach more nutrients and water. Recreating this symbiotic relationship in your garden allows your plants to thrive to their fullest.
  • Soil texture is intrinsic to plant health - it means water can flow through and be absorbed at the correct rate for roots to take up water & nutrients, yet not drown. Adding organic matter is the solution for creating workable, healthy soil.
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starter fertilizer

Good Foundations

  • Using fertilizer right at the root zone is essential to get the most out of your plants. Transplanting can be stressful - the simplest way to combat root shock is to incorporate all the nutritious material when planting.
  • Some essential nutrients, such as phosphorus, are extremely slow-moving through the soil. In order for the plant to benefit from being fed right away - the fertilizer must be added into the planting hole or directly onto the roots. This can only be done one time, so don't miss the opportunity when you are transplanting!

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Houseplant Nationwide Delivery

From Our Greenhouse Shipped to Your Home

Say hello to our newest offering - houseplants that can now be shipped nationwide! That's right, you can now send a vibrant and beautiful plant to your friends and loved ones, no matter where they are. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, saying thank you, or just want to brighten someone's day, our houseplants are the perfect gift. Order now and let us help you make your loved ones feel special!

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Patio Perfection

Let your patio be an extension of your home filled with comfort and style. Choose from a full assortment of patio furniture that fits your lifestyle and space including oversized, comfortable seating groups, dining sets perfect for eating alfresco, cozy hanging egg chairs perfect for reading, and more. All patio furniture sets are available for local delivery.

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