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a close up of a flower

Winter Garden Pot

Winter Garden Pot

Step 1

Choose a full to part fun area of your garden for your planter project.

a vase of flowers on a table

Step 2

Choose a large decorative container, durable glazed ceramic or lightweight plastic pots are ideal for this project.

a vase of flowers on a table

Step 3

Select a small topiary for the center of your container, or create a rustic frame from bamboo stakes & twine.

a vase of flowers on a table

Step 4

Plant the English Ivy near the center, encourage some vines to grow up the topiary & others to trail over the sides of the pot.

a vase of flowers on a table

Step 5

Arrange Cabbage, Cyclamen, and Pansies in a pattern around the edge of the pot.

Water well & enjoy.

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Shopping List

  • 1 bag of Dr.Earth "Pot of Gold" Potting Soil 1.5-cu.ft.
  • 1 bag of Dr.Earth "Premium Gold" All Purpose fertilizer 4-lbs.
  • 1 medium to large pot (we used an 18" pot & 8 plants)
  • 8-12 plants (depending on the size of pot)
a close up of a flower garden

This gorgeous blooming pot is perfect for most areas in the garden from fall through spring. Choose Cyclamen, Pansies, and Violas in your favorite colors, we chose an all white palate for a classic look. Accent with colorful foliage options of Flowering Cabbage and English Ivy depending on your personal preference.

  • (A) Florist Cyclamen
  • (B) Flowering Cabbage
  • (C) Pansies or Violas
  • (D) English Ivy