Garden Annuals and Perennials

Garden Annuals and Perennials

Colorful blooms bring a garden and pots alive. Once planted, they provide an instant impact and gives your garden a fresh look for the season. The powerhouse blooms in the garden tend to be from annuals that bloom for two seasons and perennials that come back each year.

As the name implies, annuals are changed out seasonally; usually in spring and again when the temperature cools down in fall. In spring and summer enjoy favorites like petunias, geraniums, marigolds, coleus, caladiums and more. In fall and winter fill your garden with pansies, violas, cyclamen and more. Armstrong Garden Centers has the best selection of annuals most of which are locally grown by Armstrong to ensure the best selection and horticultural expertise at every step of the growing process so you get plants that will last through the season in California’s unique environment.


Perennials are a must for any garden since you plant them once and get to enjoy them for years to come. Perennials bloom for a season and come back the following year. They come in nearly every shape, color and size – many with incredible blooms. Plant a variety of perennials with different bloom times for a garden that are almost always in bloom. Some of the most popular perennial plants include daylilies, coneflowers, euphorbia and many more. Perennials can do more than look gorgeous in the garden, certain perennials attract butterflies while others are perfect for a fresh cut flower arrangement.

Color Department
Foxglove, Geranium and Senetti's
California Bloomers
Color Bowl
English Primrose
English Primrose
Fountain with Dahlias
Hanging Baskets
Iceland Poppy
Marigold with Butterfly

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