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green bell peppers and tomatoes

Vegetable Garden Plan

Full Sun

Step 1: Prep your Victory Garden bed by amending the soil with Dr. Earth Homegrown Vegetable Garden Planting Mix. Mix it at a 50/50 ratio with your native soil.

Step 2: Create rows. Start at the front of the bed and create a berm approximately 3 feet across running lengthwise with a divot beside it about 2 feet wide.

illustration of vegetable garden bed

Step 3: Make a second row by creating another berm 3 feet wide and a divot that is 2 feet wide.

Step 4: Create one more berm for the third row.

vegetable garden plant with rows of veggies and herbs

Step 5: Select and plant your plants. Choose herbs and veggies that you and your family like to grill and eat. Consider vegetables like tomatoes, corn, squash, peppers, onions, and more. Plant them on the berms leaving the divots clear. The divots provide you with space to walk while maintaining and harvesting your garden without disturbing the plants.

Step 6: Lay out your plants. Space them apart so each has room to grow.

Veggie and herb garden plan

Step 7: Dig a hole twice as wide as each of the root balls. Place the plant in the hole.

Step 8: Fill in around each plant with the soil mix and a sprinkle Dr. Earth Root Zone Starter Fertilizer. This is an organic fertilizer. Tamp down the soil around the root ball.

Water in thoroughly.

Vegetable garden with corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash and herbs

Project: Full Sun
Project time: 8 hours

From your garden to your grill to your plate. This garden plan is designed with the grill master and foodie in mind. Enjoy fresh herbs and veggies all summer long. This garden is approximately 12 feet wide and 15 feet long.

The first row is planted with the assorted herbs. The second row has peppers, tomatoes, and squash that can be grown on a teepee to save space and make harvesting easier. The back row is planted with corn.

Shopping List

  • 2 - 4inch Thyme
  • 2 - 4 inch Oregano
  • 5 - 4 inch Chives
  • 1 - 4 inch Purple Basil
  • 1 - 4 inch Sweet Basil
  • 5 - Onion sets
  • 1 - 1 gallon Rosemary
  • 1 - 4 inch Squash
  • 3 - 4 inch Bell Peppers or Hot Peppers
  • 1 - 1 gallon Tomato
  • 1 - Tomato Cage
  • 1 - Packet Botanical Interest Corn Seed
  • 10 bags - Dr. Earth Homegrown Vegetable Garden Planting Mix (the amount of soil needed can vary by the condition of the soil and the spacing between rows (Stop in with your measurements and soil sample and we will be happy to help you calculate the amount of soil needed)
  • 1 - bag Dr. Earth Root Zone Starter Fertilizer organic fertilizer