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Full Sun Project

Plant strawberries in the ground in the spring in a spot that receives full sun (6 -8 hours of sun each day) and has well-draining soil. They will grow more than a foot tall and wide.

strawberry plant with ripe strawberries ready to harvest

Step 1

In the ground, space your plants 1 - 2 feet apart and space rows leaving a foot in between. Dig a hole for each plant and mix the native soil at a 50/50 ratio with Dr. Earth Home Grown Vegetable Planting Mix. Add a handful of Dr. Earth Root Zone Starter Fertilizer into each hole.

a close up of a green plant

Step 2

Remove the strawberry plants from their nursery containers and place the plant in the hole. Backfill the holes with the mixed soil and tamp down to remove any air pockets.

a close up of a green plant

Step 3

Water thoroughly. Strawberries need regular water to produce big, juicy berries. Keep soil slighly moist to the touch. A soaker hose about 2 inches from the plant is a great way to keep your strawberry plants watered.

For everbearing strawberries, remove the first set or flowers so you have bigger berries with the next set. If you plant June bearing strawberries, its best to remove all the flowers the first year and wait to let it fruit the second year.

a close up of a green plant

Now, enjoy yummy strawberry and basil salads, strawberry jam on a biscuit, chocolate covered strawberries....the recipes are endless...or just pop them in your mouth and enjoy their natural sweet flavor.

salad with homegrown starwberries, feta cheese and walnuts

Everybody loves fresh, homegrown strawberries. Growing your own strawberries is easy and harvesting the plump juicy fruit will be the real treat. Whether you're topping your morning cereal with strawberries, making a fresh smoothie or making strawberry jam or a strawberry cake, your homegrown strawberries will taste even better than store-bought berries. Plus, growing them at home saves you money! Strawberries are perennial plants that come back year after year. Plant them this year and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor for years to come.

Shopping List

  • 3 - Strawberry Plant
  • 1 - Bag of Dr. Earth Home Grown Vegetable Planting Mix
  • 1 - Bag of Dr. Earth Root Zone Starter Fertilizer organic