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Ladybug Party - Food Ideas

Ladybug Fruit Skewers

Make edible ladybugs from fresh fruit. Slide a strawberry and a blackberry or red grape and blueberry onto a barbecue skewer. For presentation place the ladybug skewers into a pot of cat grass. Cat grass can be grown quickly from seed. Plan to plant the catgrass in your 10 - 14 days before of your party.

fruit skewers

Ladybug Appetizer

This cute appetizer is made from toasted slices of a baguette that are garnished with a ladybug made of fresh cherry tomatoes and black olives cut in half, sitting atop fresh garden pesto and a Basil leaf. Grow several varieties of Basil to add more color to your presentation. Here we've used Sweet Basil, Purple Basil, and Variegated Basil 'Pesto Perpetuo.'

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