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1889: When it all started. John's first venture in sunny California was to purchase a few acres of property where he began growing Eucalyptus and Olive trees. His success as a nurseryman grew and he soon expanded his operation[...]

Employee Ownership (ESOP)

Different from most companies, Armstrong Garden Centers is employee-owned and operated. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, adds an extra benefit of working with us, in that you gain ownership stake through stocks[...]

Armstrong Grown

Why Grow Plants Ourselves? Many years ago, Armstrong Garden Centers determined that to provide our customers with the very best selection of the highest-quality plants every single day[...]


Armstrong Garden Centers is proud to support our local community through our donation program. We are able to assist nearly 1,000 organizations each year by providing $30 gift cards[...]


At Armstrong Garden Centers, our primary focus is to provide proactive customer service, so we can take the guesswork out of gardening for our customers[...]

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Armstrong Garden Centers serves California with 32 retail stores throughout San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties along with the outer area of San Francisco[...]

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