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Lawn & Garden Tips

In the House

  • Brighten up your interiors with Houseplants. Houseplants are the hottest garden trend with a movement towards architectual houseplants. Choose from the trending Fiddleleaf Fig or pilea peperomiodes or the shapely calathea 'Medallion', alocasia 'African Mask' or the aglomena 'Butterfly'. Our California Certifed Nursery Professionals can help you select a houseplant that will thrive.
  • Houseplants without Soil. Get the ultimate in low-care gardening with tillandsia, often called air plants. These beauties come in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect as accents on a coffee table or in a glass vessel with moss.
  • Turn your plants: Turn houseplants half way so they don't grow too much toward the light.

For the Lawn

  • Prevent summer weeds. Now is the time to prevent crabgrass that emerges in the summer. Apply Armstrong Crabgrass Preventer now.
  • Time to lay sod or reseed the lawn. The cooler temperatures along with seasonal rain makes now the perfect time to lay Marathon sod for an instant lawn or seed smaller patches.
  • Mower maintenance. Now is a good time to clean and maintain your lawn mower and other gardening equipment.