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Fertilizing Lawn Service

Lawn & Garden ProCare Service

Expert Care for Your Green Oasis

At Armstrong Garden Centers, we understand that your lawn and garden are more than just outdoor spaces; they're your personal haven, your sanctuary of greenery and tranquility. To ensure the health and vitality of your precious plants, gardens, and lawn, we proudly offer our comprehensive Lawn & Garden ProCare Service.

Our dedicated team of certified, licensed, and insured Armstrong Garden Centers contractors provides expertise and service that goes beyond the ordinary. We don't just offer a "mow, blow, and go" service; we provide a tailored, horticultural approach to elevate your outdoor space to its full potential.

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What's Included? 

  • Fertilization: Our premium fertilization services use high-quality fertilizers tailored to your specific plants and soil needs, promoting robust growth and enhancing your landscape's overall health. Say goodbye to those stubborn weeds, as weed control is included!

  • Garden Bed Insect Control: We understand the importance of a healthy and pest-free garden. Our team employs effective strategies to control and eliminate common garden pests, safeguarding your precious plants and flowers.

  • Disease Control: Plant diseases can be detrimental to the health and vitality of your garden. Our experienced team identifies and treats various plant diseases promptly, ensuring your landscape thrives with vibrant and disease-free foliage.

Your standard ProCare appointment covers up to 2,500 sq. ft. of your property, including fertilization and disease control. Please note that it does not include materials such as mulch or grass seed.


ProCare Purchase Options Pricing
ProCare Service x1 $300.00

ProCare Service x2

$600.00 / $540.00 (Discounted)

ProCare Service x4 $1,200.00 / $1,080.00 (Discounted)

If your larger property or landscape requires additional services such as pruning, leaf removal, and more, additional hours can be purchased at just $90 per hour.

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Fully Customizable

Your ProCare Appointment

Each Lawn & Garden ProCare appointment is customized to meet the unique needs of your lawn and garden. We start with a thorough horticultural assessment of your landscape to determine precisely what your yard requires. This assessment guides our experts in the application of disease and insect control and fertilization.

Lawn Fertilization Service

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A Full Range of Services

Additional Services

Our commitment to your outdoor oasis doesn't stop with the basics. We offer a range of additional services to keep your landscape looking its best year-round:

  • Leaf Clean-Up: As seasons change, leaves can accumulate, diminishing the visual appeal of your property. Our professionals offer thorough leaf clean-up services, ensuring a tidy and pristine outdoor environment year-round.

  • Lawn Services: Our comprehensive lawn care services include insect and disease control, fertilization, and lawn reseeding. We carefully analyze your lawn's condition, devising customized treatment plans to address any issues and nurture a lush, green lawn that becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

  • Garden Beds & Landscape Services: From insect and disease prevention to fertilization, light pruning, mulch application, and more, we have your garden beds and landscape covered. We even handle the big jobs like pruning large limbs and trees and tackling those pesky weeds.

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Explore the full range of services we offer to keep your outdoor space thriving and beautiful.

Garden Beds & Landscape Services

Insect Prevention & Control
Disease Prevention & Control
Leaf Clean-Up & Removal
Light Pruning
Mulch Application
x Pruning Large Limbs & Trees
x Weeding

Lawn Services 

Insect Prevention & Control
Disease Prevention & Control
Leaf Clean-Up & Removal
Lawn Seeding
Lawn Reseeding
x Sod Installation
x Mowing

Schedule Your ProCare Appointment Today

Booking your Lawn & Garden ProCare appointment is easy. Simply book online or visit your neighborhood Armstrong Garden Centers store. Once you've booked, our responsive landscape services team will reach out to you within 2-3 business days. They will discuss your specific service requirements and arrange a convenient time for your ProCare appointment with one of our Armstrong-certified landscape professionals.

Invest in the health and beauty of your outdoor oasis with Armstrong Garden Centers' Lawn & Garden ProCare Service. Your garden deserves nothing but the best, and we're here to deliver it.

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