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Brew Tea with Fresh Herbs

herbal tea with cut herbs

Brew Tea with
Fresh Herbs

Choosing your Herbs

  • Grow what you'll enjoy. What are your favorites?
  • Grow what's expensive to buy in the grocery store
  • Buy certified organic plants

Choose the Best Location

  • Full sun (6 - 8 hours per day)
  • Regular water

Benefits of Herbs in Pots

  • Can move around to capture more sun
  • Can enjoy as centerpieces
  • Can bring indoors on kitchen windowsill (not all herbs, however)
  • Some herbs are best in pots - vigorously growing mints especially

Planting Herbs in the Ground

  • Amend soil well at a 50/50 ratio with Dr. Earth Motherland Planting Mix. It is an organic nutrient-rich planting soil.
  • Add organic starter fertilizer like Dr. Earth Root Zone starter fertilizer
  • Dig hole, firm soil around
  • Make a little well around plants with excess soil to hold water

Planting Herbs in a Pot

  • Use organic Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Potting Soil
  • Use Dr. Earth Root Zone organic starter fertilzier
  • Can combine herb plants in one pot
  • Fill pots, firm the soil, dig hole, place plant, firm soil
  • Soil surface should be an inch or two below pot rim to hold water
  • Water thoroughly a couple of times

Herb Garden Care

  • Water regularly, but allow soil surface to dry between watering
  • Feed regularly with organic plant food (as noted on the box)
  • Snip fresh herbs to use in your favorite recipes
  • Share with friends!