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close up of an artificial christmas tree with white christmas lights

How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

A Life-Like Christmas

Artificial Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the center of Christmas traditions. If you're looking for a no-fuss Christmas tree this is your complete guide to choosing the best, most realistic artificial Christmas tree. You'll learn all the basic principals of like-like Christmas trees including tip counts, lighting and structure so you can choose the best artificial Christmas tree that captures the magic of the season.

artificial christmas trees with lights in a kitchen with a wood table
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Tip Counts: The Key to Realism

The tip count on artificial Christmas trees refers to the number of individual branch tips on the tree. A higher tip count generally indicates a fuller, more realistic appearance and a higher-quality Christmas tree. When searching for a lifelike tree, aim for a tip count that mimics the density of natural evergreens. Look for trees with branch tips that vary in size and shape, as this creates a more authentic appearance.

Christmas Tree Height Tip Count Minimum Tip Count Deluxe
6.5 Foot Tree 800-900 tips 1800+ tips
7.5 Foot Tree 1200-1500 tips 2500+ tips
9.5 Foot Tree 3500-5000 3500+ tips

Christmas Lights: Your Tree's Sparkle

Christmas lights are an essential element of Christmas; especially on your beloved Christmas tree. The number of lights on your artificial Christmas tree can significantly impact its appearance; the more the merrier. While the number of lights can vary widely depending on the tree's size, a good rule of thumb is 100 lights per foot of tree height. Choose from white or multi-colored lights or have the best of both worlds with an artificial Christmas tree that offers different light colors and light functions. Look for continuous-on light technology for the LED lights. This means that if one light goes out, the entire strand stays lit.

For a truly dazzling display, consider trees with even more lights. LED lights are preferred since they consume less energy, produce less heat, and are longer-lasting compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This not only saves you money on your energy bill but also ensures your tree remains safe to the touch throughout the Christmas season.

artificial christmas tree at night with lights and shiny christmas balls
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Light Connection System: Key to Ease

The way your Christmas lights connect is another essential consideration. Traditional artificial trees often require manual placement and connection of individual light strands, which can be time-consuming. However, many modern artificial trees feature pre-lit designs with built-in light connections. These trees use technologies like "Quick-Set" or "Center Power Pole" where a single plug connects all the lights, saving you time and effort during the setup process.

Special Features: The Extras

Some artificial trees come with extra features like built-in timers, color-changing lights & light functions, and remote controls. These features can enhance the ambiance and convenience of your fake Christmas tree. Consider whether these additional options align with your decorating preferences.

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