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a tree with pink flowers

Climbing Color

The Hidden Benefits of Vining & Climbing Flowers

Take your garden to new heights with flowering vines & shrubs that can provide privacy, attract pollinators, and add outstanding color. They can be trained to climb structures, cascade over walls, or even serve as ground covers, allowing for creative expression in landscaping. Discover beautiful and easy-care climbing flowers to add vertical interest to your garden or patio.

a garden with flowers


a close up of some flowers

A Mediterranean icon, this stunning vine has long-lasting flowers in shades of pink, purple, red, orange, peach, and white to suit your garden style. Bougainvillea is drought-tolerant, heat-loving and low maintenance once established.


Brighten a partially shady area with big, unique blooms from early summer into fall in shades of white, pink, red, purple, and blue. Create an enchanting garden feature and grow over an arch. Grows 6-12 feet tall depending on variety.

a group of purple flowers
a group of purple flowers

Boulevard® Olympia™

This compact climber flowers from both leaf axils and stems, resulting in a profusion of large, rich purple blossoms along the entire vine. Lovely on fences, trellises, and in containers. Train for vertical effect or allow to naturally meander through shrub beds. Deciduous. Monrovia grown.

a group of pink flowers

Boulevard® Acropolis™ Clematis

This well-behaved vine produces an abundance of large, showy flowers throughout summer and fall. The compact tower of intensely pink blooms will supply beautiful vertical interest to any garden fence or trellis. Ideal for use as a container plant or a in a smaller garden. Deciduous. Monrovia grown.

a group of flowers

Boulevard® Samaritan Jo™ 

This pale white clematis features layered petals with purple margins that add a celestial quality to the garden. They shine against the dark green leaves and prefer partial shade, where their ethereal blooms look their best. A shorter variety that's ideal for small spaces. Monrovia grown.

Climbing Roses 

a bush with pink flowers

The quintessential climbing flower to create a romantic garden space you won't want to leave. These beautiful, often fragrant flowers will bloom every spring and summer for decades to come. Climbing roses will thrive in any sunny spot, and are even water wise once established.

a close up of a plant with yellow flowers

Grow a Climbing Rose & a Clematis Together 

The English Way 

Combining these two climbing flowers has long been a cherished tradition in English gardens, dating back to the Victorian era. The tradition likely originated from the desire to maximize vertical space, but gardeners achieved a beautiful tapestry of blooms by intertwining their growth.

The roses provide sturdy support for the clematis vines, while the clematis' delicate foliage helps shade the rose roots, keeping them cool and moist during hot summers. The different bloom times also ensure a continuous display of flowers throughout the growing seasons.

a tree with pink flowers