How-To Video: Air Plant Display

Create your own unique air plant display by mounting them on onto sturdy wooden branches. The moss protects the air plant when mounting with wire. You can use large branches or small ones with as many air plants as you like. Add a hook to hang on your wall or from your porch. 


          • Step 1: Find a sturdy piece of wood that you would like to use for this project. 
          • Step 2: Wrap the bottom portion of the air plant with moss. Sheet moss, reindeer moss, forest moss & Spanish moss will work well for this project. 
          • Step 3: Use a long piece of wire to wrap around the moss, securing it to the air plant & leave enough wire for mounting. 
          • Step 4: Place the air plant where you want it mounted & wrap the wire around the branch, making sure the air plant is secure.  
          • Step 5: Twist the ends of the wire to fasten the air plants. Continue until all air plants are mounted. 

What you will need:

    • A sturdy piece of wood with branches
    • Air Plants
    • Metal wire (copper wire is not recommended) 
    • Moss