DIY - Winter Garden Refresh

Moon Gardens

Refresh flowerbeds near the entrance of your home to welcome guests at Christmas. The planting diagram shown here is for a garden bed that is 3-feet by 2-feet, simply adjust to fit your garden beds at home... this plant recipe works on any scale. Plant flowers in shades of red and white for a Christmas theme, plant all white blooms for a snowy look, or choose flowers in your personal favorite colors.


Tall bloom spikes reach up to 3-feet or more, based on variety, making a lovely backdrop for smaller flowers. Plant in full to part sun for color through spring.


Graceful flowers bloom over ornate silvery leaves from fall until spring. This tidy perennial grows to just 6-inches tall and wide in part sun to part shade.


A cheerful addition to garden beds, pansies love chilly weather & will flower throughout spring. Grow in full sun to part shade, up to 6-inches tall.

Shopping List

  • 5-6 Snapdragons (5-6 4-in. pots OR 1 jumbo colorpack)
  • 5-6 Cyclamen (5 4-in. pots or 6-in. pots)
  • 12 pansies (12 4-in pots or 2 jumbo colorpacks)
  • 2 bags of Dr. Earth® Organic Planting Mix 1.5 cu.ft.
  • 1 bag Dr. Earth® ‘Root Zone’ Fertilizer 4-lbs.

Planting Diagram

planting diagram


We used 5 to 6 Snapdragons at the back, 5 Cyclamen in the center, and 2 colorpacks of Pansies, in alternating colors at the very front.

Give new plants the best start with premium soil, use Dr. Earth® Organic Planting Mix.  This blend is ideal for any type of planting project, simply mix half and half with native soil to give roots an easier transition into your existing soil.

Dr. Earth® ‘Root Zone’ Fertilizer blend was created especially for new plants, with beneficial microbes that colonize roots for superior nutrient uptake. Apply to the roots when planting and watch your garden thrive, healthier plants means more blooms to enjoy.


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