Tifgreen ® Bermuda

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Tifgreen is a very dense, low-growing, fine-textured Bermuda turf which produces lateral runners requiring concrete borders for containment.  Compared to other hybrid Bermudas (such as Santa Ana® and Tifway®), Tifgreen has a finer texture and a slower growth rate.  Because it produces thatch at a slower rate, Tifgreen is considered to be the more suitable hybrid Bermuda for residential use.  Tifgreen has a dark green color during its growing season; however, like all warm-season grasses, it becomes dormant in the winter.

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Botanical Name Cynodon Dactylon
Foliage Color Dark Green
Landscape Uses Golf, Home
Plant Type Sod

One Year Warranty:
Southland Sod Farms will provide replacement sod at no charge as needed to replace any dead areas of a Marathon® Lawn within one year of installation. Click HERE to learn more.

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