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Tomato & Pepper Jam

Make the most of your summer harvest with this delicious spread you can use on thickly cut bread or use as a sweet & spicy marinade for savory dishes.


2 roasted bell peppers, chopped

1.5 pounds tomatoes, chopped

1 cups sugar

1/5 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tbsp pectin (or substitute 3 T chia seeds)

1/2 tsp salt

Juice from one lemon

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  • Set the oven to 450º. Place the whole peppers on a parchment paper lined pan and roast until skins turn a very dark brown. Once the skins of the peppers are charred, put them on a cutting board or surface and place a bowl over them to let steam.

  • If you want to remove the charred skin, scrape off with a knife once cooled otherwise you can leave them on for an additional smoky flavor.

  • Chop the peppers and remove the seeds

  • Add the prepared roasted peppers, chopped tomatoes, sugar, cumin, garlic powder and pectin into a large pot. (If substituting with Chia Seeds, you will add them at the end)

  • Bring the pot to a boil while stirring and reduce the heat to a simmer. Continue simmering for about 1 hour. Stir the jam every once in a while to make sure it doesn't burn. Depending on the water content of the tomatoes the time required to reduce down the jam may vary.

  • Once it has reduced and thickened, you can use a submersion blender or blend the jam in a blender for a smooth consistency (add chia seeds if not using pectin).

  • Use the freshly made tomato and roasted pepper jam on your morning breakfast sandwiches, toast, marinade base for pork roasts or as an all purpose jam.

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