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Lawn & Garden Tips

In the Garden

  • Fall is for planting. Now's the very best time to plant just about everything. Warm soil, cooler air and (hopefully) rain make for well-established plants that really burst forth next spring.
  • Refresh your garden. After our hot, hot summers, it's time to refresh with seasonal color. Cool-season flowers to plant now are Mums, Snapdragon, Pansies, Violas, Stock, Poppies, Primrose, Sweet pea, Cyclamen and more!
  • Plant your cool-season vegetable garden. Yes, we have a second edible season! Once the weather cools down (coastal: usually the second week of September; inland: by the end of the month), plant peas, lettuces of all types, Chard, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Turnips, Carrots, Beets, and Radishes.
  • Plant bulbs. Yes, they're delayed satisfaction, but flowering bulbs are such nice spring surprises. You'll be glad you did. Bulbs are easy: dig, drop, done! There are lots of choices, but Bearded Irises take our heat, take no care, are water-wise, and have spectacular flowers. What more can you ask?
  • Divide and transplant all types of perennials.
  • Perennials for fall color. Nothing says fall like goldenrod, perennial aster, Japanese Anemone, Mums, and Coneflowers.
  • Ornamental grasses add movement and interesting texture to gardens. The choices are amazing-from delicate, fine-textured gems to bold, colorful statements. They're low care, dramatic and have a great fall look.

In the Home

  • Houseplants sometimes need to be tossed. Remember, tropical plants weren't created to be indoors-we just use them that way. After time, they can become thin, pale, and straggly. Replace them-it's ok. You'll be glad you did.
  • Reduce watering for houseplants. Warm homes and moving air (that's your AC) mean houseplants dry out faster. Starting now, you may need to water less. Remember, more indoor plants are killed by overwatering than anything else.