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a close up of a flower garden

Lawn & Garden Tips

In the Garden

  • Plant summer annuals. With our typical "June gloom days", it's still a good time to plant colorful summer annuals and perennials.
  • Plant tropical shrubs and vines like Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, and Mandevilla.
  • Deadhead roses & to ensure repeat bloom. Feed with Dr. Earth's organic Rose and Flower Food.
  • Big and Bigger. Feed blooming shrubs and flowering plants with a water-soluble bloom booster to promote more blooms.
  • Mulch, Mulch, Mulch. Mulch to keep weeds down and increase water retention in the garden. Visit a store to see our collection of bark, mulches, and composts.
  • A Beautiful Garden with Less Water. During dry weather, be sure to keep the garden adequately watered. A weekly deep, thorough soaking is more beneficial than a daily light sprinkling. Water between 6-10am to avoid evaporation.

In the House

  • Water While You're Away. Add Soil Moist to pots. The granules absorb water and release it as needed.
  • Feeding Time. Continue feeding your houseplants monthly, we suggest Bonide Liquid Houseplant Food.

For the Lawn

  • Water your lawn in the early morning. Turf will have time to dry off before night, preventing disease.
  • Move it Up and Keep It Sharp. Raise the mower blade up a notch and sharpen the blade. Taller grass can withstand dry weather and a grass blade with a clean cut needs less water.

For the Birds

  • Bath Time. Keep birdbaths clean and full, especially this time of year.
  • Food Please. While the garden provides a good amount of food for the birds, supplement their meals by keeping feeders full.