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4 Easy Steps to Plant
Pulp Pot Roses

Full Sun Project

Dig a hole

Twice the width and 11/2 the depth of the pulp pot.

pulp pot rose planting diagram

Mix soil from hole

With Dr. Earth Mother Land All Purpose Planting Mix (ratio 50/50). Put a layer of soil mixture in the hole. Mix in recommended label rate of Dr. Earth Root Zone starter fertilizer.

Pulp pot rose planting diagram

Place the pulp pot

In the planting hole. If necessary, mound the soil in the bottom of the hole to raise or lower the pot to match the soil level inside the pot to the soil level outside the pot. Be sure the graft of the rose is above the soil level. Fill around pot with soil mixture.

Pulp Pot Rose Planting diagram

Soak the root area

With a solution of Liquinox Vitamin B-1 solution.

As the Vitamin B-1 stimuates the root growth of the transplanted rose, the biodegradable pulp pot will begin to break down.

Pulp pot rose planting diagram

Project time: Less than 30 minutes

As you prepare to plant your dormant roses, here are a few tips and items you will need to help them succeed.


  • 1 part native soil from your garden
  • 1 part Dr. Earth Mother Land All Purpose Planting Mix
  • 1 cup Down to Earth Starter Mix or Dr. Earth Root Zone Starter Fertilizer

Top 5 Roses

Roses are our roots. In 1889, John Armstrong not only founded Armstrong Garden Centers but was a rose breeder who what the first to create a rose catalog. Now, 130 years later we continue the tradition with the best classic and new roses that thrive in California. Whether you want bouquets of fragrant red roses, shrub roses that rebloom throughout the year or new rose varieties Armstrong is here to help.

Pink Rose Queen of Elegance

Rose Queen of Elegance

The newest ruler of floribunda roses is this graceful and stylish in appearance, brilliant pink rose. This royal worthy rose has up to 40 petals, long upright stems with an intense classic fragrance that will capture anyone's love and attention. It's a stately yet manageable rose growing 4-5 feet tall and wide. Strong disease resistance.

Pink and yellow Rose State of Grace

Rose State of Grace

A rose that will bring honor to any garden. State of Grace is an apricot-gold, English style grandiflora rose that is fruity in fragrance, and a tidy bloom of up to 65 petals. A more compact rose bush growing 3-4 feet tall and wide. Strong disease resistance.

Red rose Mr. Lincoln

Rose Mister Lincoln

This hybrid tea rose is the most popular red rose. The large, shapely buds open to deep rich, velvety red and are accompanied by a rich fragrance. The plants are tall, stately with rose blooms on long stems perfect for cutting for bouquets. Flowers have up to 35 petals with a strong fragrance. Grows 3-5 feet in height, 2-4 feet in width and has good disease resistance.

Red and white Rose Double Delight

Rose Double Delight

A stunning hybrid tea rose with an ever-changing blend of carmine and cream. The perfectly formed flowers have up to 35 petals, are presented on long stems and have a strong spicy fragrance. A nice compact rose growing 3-5 feet tall and 2-4 feet wide.

Iceberg Rose White

Rose White Iceberg

A wonderful landscape floribunda rose loved in California as well as around the world. The rich, green foliage provides an excellent background to the sprays of pure white flowers that rebloom. The rose flowers have up to 25 petals with a sweet, mild honey fragrance. Excellent disease resistance.