With warm weather comes the return of mosquitoes! Here are some ways to keep these pesky bugs from invading your garden and backyard BBQs this summer.  The best way to reduce mosquitoes is to make sure you don’t have any stagnant water. Turn over empty pots, lids, etc. so they don’t collect water. Clean and refill your bird baths regularly. Drop Mosquito Beater Water Soluble Pouches into your ponds or other spots of standing water to control mosquito larvae (it stops their lifecycle). And, it’s not harmful to fish or other aquatic organisms.      Citrosa (Citronella) Scented Geranium This Geranium is often called the Mosquito plant. It produces the citronella scent. When leaves are touched or crushed the fragrance from the citronella oil is released. Citronella oil is the main ingredient for lots of repellents. Plant these in full to partial sun spots around your patio or in pots to help repel mosquitoes.    Lemon Grass  Lemon Grass also contains citronella oil. This pretty, nearly lime colored grass is a great addition to the garden. Use it to repel mosquitoes but also try in your tea, lemonade, or recipes. Plant in full sun     Lavender Lavender oil can repel mosquitoes as well. Also a pretty addition to the garden. Can use as cut flower, to add fragrance to your home, and in recipes. Plant in full sun       Thermacell Thermacell is portable, odorless and creates a 15 foot mosquito-free zone. Take it with you while gardening, grilling, camping, tailgating and more. Starts working in just 15 minutes.