Color to draw you outdoors. Herald in spring with Senetti. These striking flowers are available in varying shades of blues, pinks, and purples and even bicolors. Senetti Cache ContainerSenettis are a great flower for container gardens. They bloom from late winter to late Spring and they love cool, wet weather. They can even tolerate temperatures as low as 32 degrees. They have a mounding shape and will reach 12 - 24 inches tall.   Blooming Power. One of the features that makes Senettis so special is their long-blooming period and that they re-bloom over and over January through to late Spring. Grab Some Attention. Each 12 inch cache container bought from Armstrong can have up to 200 vibrant blooms. They make for a great way to greet guests at your front door or as a focal point anywhere else. Care: Plant them in part shade with consistently moist soil and fertilize them regularly.  To encourage re-blooming remove dead heads, new blooms will appear in just a few weeks. Senetti - The first flower of Spring at Armstrong Garden Centers  

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