How-To Video: Orchid Care

Orchids are beautiful and elegant plants known for their showy flowers; they are a great gift idea or to add a bit of color inside your house. For best results, choose an orchid with half blooms and half buds.

  1. Orchids are one of the easiest houseplants to grow 

    • Require minimal care
    • Bloom for weeks
  2. Most popular orchids:

    • Phalaenopsis (indoor orchid)
    • Dendrobium (indoor orchid)
    • Cymbidium (enjoy blooms indoors, keep outdoors rest of year in bright shade)
  3. Selecting an orchid

    • Choose one with half flowers, half buds
    • For party or immediate “wow”, choose one in full bloom (won’t last quite as long)
    • Orchids are grown in bark in a “growing pot”
    • Usually displayed in a decorative pot, orchid pot, or cachepot [show samples]
  4. Orchid Care

    • Give bright, indirect light
    • Need lots of air around roots (loose bark) 
    • **NEVER let an orchid stand in water (not even in a saucer) - roots will rot!
    • Water thoroughly once every two weeks
      • Remove orchid (still in its growing pot) from decorative container
    • Water thoroughly 2-3 times in a sink, trying to avoid foliage and letting water run out bottom
    • Let drain in sink for a few minutes, then put back in decorative container
  5. Feeding

    • “Bloom” food
    • “Out-of-bloom” food
  6. Getting an orchid to bloom again

    • Orchids bloom once a year, but blooms can last for months
    • Once flowers fade, cut flower spike about ½-inch above foliage
    • Follow simple directions as before
      • Bright, indirect light
      • Water every other week
      • Feed monthly with “out-of-bloom” food
  7. Repotting an orchid

    • Orchids generally like to be crowded in the pot, so rarely needs to be done
    • Repot because
      • Too big for pot (after several years)
      • Bark has disintegrated
    • Gently pull orchid (near base of leaves) out of its pot
    • Gently remove old bark from the roots
    • Put new bark in bottom of new pot
    • Hold orchid about even with top of the pot with one hand
    • Gently fill in around roots with orchid bark
      • Do NOT pack in tight (will damage roots)
      • Bark is there only to hold orchid upright
      • Tap to help settle bark around roots
    • Water thoroughly 3-4 times (letting water run out the bottom) to make sure bark is wet.
No room to grow orchid after blooming?  No problem, just buy a new one! Cheaper than cut flowers and lasts many weeks longer!