How-To Video: Citrus Basics

California is a great place to grow citrus plants in home gardens because of its warm climate. In fact, every garden should have a citrus plant whether you grow it in a pot or a garden.

Growing citruses of all types is very easy and there are lots of citrus varieties – for eating, cooking, and juice.


Selecting Your Citrus

  • Choose citrus varieties that you like, that you’ll use
  • Consider growing citrus that are hard to find in grocery stores or that are expensive
  • All types of citrus need same care and all are easy if simple requirements are met
  • Choose a well-branched, well-balanced tree



  • Full sun site
  • Well-draining soil
  • Amend soil with Planting Mix and Citrus & Fruit Tree Food
  • Plant about 1” inch above soil line, firm soil around (citruses won’t tolerate being planted too deeply)
  • Create a “well” out of soil to hold 2- to 3-inches of water


Watering & Care

  • Water deeply and thoroughly (not frequently and shallowly like you would a lawn). At first, about once a week.  Once established, once every two weeks.
  • Feed quarterly with E.B. Stone Citrus & Fruit Tree Food
  • Only prune lightly to shape (citruses are sensitive to over-pruning)



  • Fruit ripens very slowly
  • Usually fruit ripens about same time as new flowers appear (great fragrance!)
  • Fruit left on the tree will last longer than picked fruit
  • Once your tree matures, you’ll have a lot of fruit, so be sure to share!