Florist Quality Poinsettias

Florist Quality Poinsettias

A Rainbow of Color

Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas flower. The days of just red poinsettias are long gone; there are poinsettias in every color from white to dark maroon and assorted shades of pink.


Poinsettia Myths

Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not poisonous to your pets. Like most plants, if your pet eats a large amount they'll get an upset tummy. What we usually call poinsettia “flowers” are actually bracts (a modified leaf). The true poinsettia flower is the tiny cluster of yellow in the middle of the bracts.


Easy Care Tips

Follow these care tips and your poinsettias will last and last and last!

  • Do not leave the plant in standing water; always empty water from the saucer.
  • Water only when the soil becomes dry to the touch – too much or too little water can cause leaf drop.
  • The ideal indoor temperature for poinsettias is 60-70 degrees.
  • Do not expose poinsettias to drafts or let them touch cold window panes.
  • Keep away from direct heat sources like fireplaces or heating vents.

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