Florist Quality Poinsettias


Our poinsettias are locally and lovingly grown. To be colorful for Christmas, our poinsettias are planted in July in a premium soil mix with just the right amount of water retention. Each plant is hand pinched throughout the growing process to get a full, strong poinsettia. Then, we carefully wrap them in paper and ship them to your neighborhood Armstrong Garden Center, where you'll discover new and exciting varieties, in an array of sizes and colors.

A Rainbow of Color

Poinsettias are the most recognized and most popular Christmas flower. The days of just red or white poinsettias are long gone and now there are poinsettias in every color from blush pink to poinsettias mixed with splashes of pink, white and even gold.

Jingle Bells
Poinsettia with Gifts
Burgundy Poinsettia
Crystal Poinsettia
Ice Punch
Marble star
Princettia Pink
Princettia White
Princettia Dark Pink
Red Glitter
Rose Red
Ruby Frost

Poinsettia Myths

  • Contrary to popular belief poinsettias are not very poisonous to your pets. Unless ingested in very large amounts – and if your pet is tempted to taste it, the bad flavor will usually stop them from eating too much.
  • The part that we think are ‘flowers’ are actually the bracts of the poinsettia.
  • The true poinsettia flower is the cluster of yellow in the middle of the bracts.

Easy Care Tips

Follow these care tips and your poinsettias will last and last and last!

  • Do not leave the plant in standing water; always empty water from the saucer.
  • Water only when the soil becomes dry to the touch – too much or too little water can cause leaf drop.
  • The ideal indoor temperature for poinsettias is 60-70 degrees.
  • Do not expose poinsettias to drafts or let them touch cold window panes.
  • Keep away from direct heat sources like fireplaces or heating vents.

Different Ways to Use Poinsettias:


  • Wrap the pot and add a bow for an easy host/hostess gift.
  • Tiny "personal" poinsettias are a great gift for teachers, friends or co-workers.

Accent Existing Houseplants

  • If you have a small tree or tall houseplants in your home or office, place a few poinsettias around the base of the plant.

Mixed Containers

  • Plant poinsettias with orchids, ivy, lemon cypress, asaparagus fern, rosemary and other green houseplants to create holiday container gardens for indoor use.

Table Settings

  • Use small and medium-sized poinsettias in your tablescape for the holiday season.
  • Use tiny two-inch poinsettias at each place setting and gift to your guests at a dinner party.

Entryway & Stairway

  • Group poinsettias around your front door and up along your staircase to make a colorful, holiday statement.
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