Partial Sun Container Garden

 Partial Sun Project

The combination of flower and foliage color is what makes the plants in this spring/summer container garden work together in harmony. The purple in the Angelonia flowers is repeated in both the Rex Begonia and Setcreasea. The neon green Alternanthera offsets the purple color repetition just enough to make everything pop. This gorgeous container works in areas that receive direct morning sun or have filtered sun all day. Do not place where they receive direct sun in the afternoon.  

Project Shopping List

1 – Glazed Pot 14 Inches

1 – Potting & Container Soil 2 cu. ft. bag

1 – E.B. Stone Sure Start

1 – Angelonia

1 – Sunpatiens

2 – Rex Begonia

2 – Alternanthera

1 – Setcreasea

1 – Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’


Plant Recipe

A – Angelonia

B – Sunpatiens

C – Rex Begonia

D – Alternanthera

E – Setcreasea

F – Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’   

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