Colorful Shade Container Garden

DIY Colorful Shade Container Garden for California 

Shade Project

Project time: 30 Minutes

Hot pink and green foliage and flowers create a striking, bold, and colorful container garden for the shade.  Create a container with plants that are the thrillers, fillers, spillers of the garden.  Cordyline adds architecture and drama as the thriller plant, New Guinea Impatiens, Coleus and Caladium are colorful fillers, and variegated vinca and wishbone flowers flower over the sides of the container as the spillers.



Shopping List

1 – 1 gal. Cordyline
1 – 6 inch New Guinea Impatiens
1 – 6 inch Caladium
1 – 4 inch Coleus
2 – 4 inch Variegated Vinca vine
2 – 4 inch Wishbone flower
1 – 32 inch wide container
1 – bag E.B. Stone Edna's Best Potting soil
1 – bag E.B. Stone Sure Start Fertilizer



A – Cordyline
B – New Guinea Impatiens
C – Caladium
D – Coleus
E – Variegated Vinca
F – Wishbone flower

Colorful Shade Container Garden DIY Recipe