DIY - Elegant Houseplants

Turn your houseplants into an elegant, yet simple holiday planter to celebrate Christmas.

Indoor Project

Step 1: 
Choose a container with a drainage hole & fill 1/3 full with Edna's Best Potting Soil. 

Step 2: Add plants as directed on the diagram below. Start with the pre-formed ivy ball or wreath in the middle, then add the other plants. Add more soil around the root balls of each plant, filling any gaps.

Step 3: Water your container well. Stop when water comes out the drainage holes on the bottom then let it fully drain. 

Step 4: If adding a string of battery-operated Christmas lights, tuck the battery pack under the ivy form and under the foliage of the accompanying plants. 

Step 5: Add decorative moss to hide the battery pack & to give it a clean finish.  

Step 6: Add some decorative elements of your choice. Here, we’ve added a white bird and artificial white berries. Options are endless, get creative! 

Care Instructions:   

Place your garden in bright, indirect light for best performance. 

Be sure to protect the lights’ battery pack when watering your new garden. Use the “finger test” to check on your garden’s water level. Stick your finger 1 to 2 inches into the soil. If it’s dry, it’s time to water. Quick tip: Wrap the battery pack in some plastic wrap from the kitchen to protect it from water and soil. Then, wrap the lights around the ivy form starting from the bottom.  

Shopping List:

1 - Bowl container 10x3 inches

1 - Ivy Form wreath, plant (A)

3 - Selaginella 'Frosty Fern', plant (B)

3 - Fittonia, plant (C) 

1 - Bag dried Spanish moss

1 - Bag Edna's Best Potting Soil 

1 - Battery operated string lights

1 - Decorative piece of your choice