DIY - Pumpkin Planter

Create a fall container garden with an assortment of fall flowers and colorful foliage planted in a pumpkin. This makes a beautiful centerpiece for fall and Thanksgiving.

Full Sun Project

Step 1: Cut top off of the pumpkin & scoop out insides.

Step 2: Coat interior with vaseline. This helps it stay fresh longer. 

Step 3: Add a handful of charcoal, coating the bottom.

Step 4: Fill pumpkin about halfway with Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Potting Soil. 

Step 5: Arrange plants according to diagram & add more soil making sure to fill in gaps between plants.  

Care Instructions:
 When completed with the project, water well. Place in a location that gets partial sun. 

Shopping List

1 – Ornamental Pepper, Plant (F)

1 – Purple Kale, plant (C)

1 – Green Kale, plant (C)

2 – Pansies, plant (B)

1 – Variegated Vinca, plant (D) 

1 – Variegated Box Honeysuckle, plant (E)

1 – Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Potting Soil

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