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a small blue bird perched on top of a wooden table

Make Your Own
Bird Bath

Bird-Friendly, Sustainable, & Fun

Bird Bath

Birds make wonderful visitors to the garden. They can help pollinate flowers, spread seed, and add color and life to the garden. They are also wonderful and funny critters to watch from a backyard patio. Adding bird seed feeders, colorful flowers, and bird houses are great ways to attract birds to your backyard, but another great addition is a bird bath. During the hot and sometimes dry summer months, bird baths can be especially helpful to support birds by giving them a place to cool off and hydrate. Here is an easy garden craft to create your own bird bath out of every day items.

a small blue bird perched on top of a wooden table

Make Your Own Bird Bath

Click on each step to see how to make your own bird bath:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). And decide on a paint color or stickers to use to decorate your bird bath.

an image involving sitting table items

Step Two

After cleaning your pot, begin applying paint to the edges of your pot. You can use paint or markers, stickers, etc. Whatever design and color you think will look great in your backyard.

an image involving painting a pot

Step Three

After you finish painting the pot, let it dry. When it is dry to the touch, you can begin adhering it to your saucer/shallow dish with a layer of hot glue. Do not attach the saucer yet. The hot glue will give an immediate hold once you add your E6000 glue in the next step.

a blue hot glue gun and bowl

Step Four

Quickly add a layer of E6000 along with the hot glue. As the E6000 cures, it will provide a stronger hold to keep your bird bath secure.

gluing a pot

Step Five

Attach your saucer to your pot base and hold firmly for thirty seconds. You can put something heavy on top of it to hold it in place overnight while the E6000 dries. If you want to paint your saucer, be mindful that water soluble paint will wear down quickly after you add your bird bath water. Ensure that the paint if non-toxic, as it will leech into the bird's water.


Step Six

After letting it dry, you can add a few stones inside it for smaller birds to perch on. Fill it up with about an inch of water.

water into a birdbath

Step Seven

Congrats! You have completed your bird bath. Enjoy the cute sights of watching your backyard birds take drinks and wash their wings. Ensure that you change out the water every few days to keep mosquitos at bay.

a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Supplies List

  • a pot (any size larger than 6" is ideal.
  • a corresponding size saucer/shallow dish
  • paint
  • hot glue
  • E600 glue
  • small stones
  • water