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Create Your Own
Bean Pole TeePee


Bean Pole Teepee

Many vegetable plants are trailing varieties like cucumbers, melons, and an easy favorite, pole beans. Pole beans make delicious and tasty treats that are wonderful additions to many favorite recipes and contain many nutrients that promote health and vitality. There are easy ways to get the most of your pole bean varieties--growing your pole beans on a trellis or on caging can promote season-long growth and endless beans for you to enjoy. A super simple way to trellis pole beans and to give them purchase to grow and climb is with a teepee made out of thin sticks, wooden dowels, or bamboo dowels.

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Create Your Own Bean Pole TeePee

Click on each step to see how to make your own garden bean pole teepee:

Step One

To make a bean teepee, start by building the teepee frame. You will need six to ten poles and some string.

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Step Two 

The teepee poles can be whatever length what works best for you. They should be tall enough that you can stand up comfortably to address the plant and to adjust the teepee.

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Step Three

Set the poles into the edge of the circle and push them into the ground so that they angle into the center and meet the other poles. Poles should be spaced at least 24 inches apart but can be placed further apart.

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Step Four

Once the poles are in place, tie the poles together at the top. Simply take string or rope and wrap it around the meeting poles.

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Step Five

Finally, plant your bean seeds at the base of your teepee. Make sure you use pole beans versus bush beans, as pole beans are the varieties that will climb and naturally find purchase on the poles.

Water your seeds and within a week, you should see your first bean sprouts poking out of the ground.

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Step Six

You do not need to train your pole beans to the teepee, they will naturally send out tendrils that will search out and grip the pole and climb up it without your assistance.

Sit back and enjoy! You will be able to harvest beans within the time frame denoted on the back of your seed packet.

a vase sitting on top of a green plant

Supplies List

  • bean seeds
  • six-ten dowels, sticks, poles, or bamboo shoots
  • twine