March Lawn Garden Tips

In the Garden

      • On your mark, get set, grow! All types of summer vegetables can be planted now. Amend and feed the soil with E.B. Stone Flower and Vegetable planting mix and Tomato & Vegetable Food.
      • Start planting. Now’s the right time to plant citrus, avocado and macadamia nut trees with the danger of frost gone.
      • Restore color to beds and borders by replacing cool season annuals with summer bedding plants.
      • Protect your plants from hungry snails and slugs. Apply Sluggo in areas that pets or children play.
      • Scrumptious strawberries. Mid to late March is the ideal time for planting strawberries that you can enjoy throughout spring.
      • Spring bulbs. Remember where the spring flowering bulbs were planted? Fertilize that area with one pound of EB Stone Bulb Food per 100 sq. ft. of bed.
      • Plan for summer garden color. Now is the best time to buy summer bulbs like Gladiola, Cannas, Iris, Dahlias and Lilies. Wait until mid-April to plant.

In the House

      • Keep them growing. Make sure to fertilize houseplants and repot if needed.
      • Vacationing outdoors. If some houseplants will be moving outdoors for summer make sure to give them a more roomy pot. The sun will cause their roots to grow more quickly.

For the Lawn

      • Apply fertilizer to wake up warm season lawns and to feed still growing cool season grasses.

For the Birds

      • Feed the hummingbirds. Put up at least one hummingbird feeder in your yard and keep it clean and full to attract colorful hummingbirds.