August Lawn & Garden Tips

In the Garden

        • Water Wisely. Plants like azaleas and camellias will benefit from a little extra water. Most established plants need about one inch of water per week to perform at their best. Water just until you see runoff between 6-10am. 
        • Mound Up the Mulch. Make sure all planting areas have a two-inch layer of mulch. Mulches help to regulate soil temperature, conserve moisture in the soil and prevent weed development.

In the House

        • Cut Flowers. Stroll through your garden and cut foliage and blooms to make fresh-cut flower arrangements.
        • Water While You’re Away. Add SoilMoist to pots. The granules absorb water and release it as needed.
        • Feeding Time. Continue feeding your houseplants monthly.

For the Lawn

        • Leave the Clippings. Leave grass clippings on your lawn. This will create a light layer of mulch which will help conserve water during August and September - the hottest months of the year.
        • Water in the AM. Water your lawn in the early morning. Turf will have time to dry off before night, preventing disease.
        • Move it Up and Keep It Sharp. Raise the mower blade up a notch and sharpen the blade. Taller grass can withstand dry weather and a grass blade with a clean cut needs less water.

For the Birds

        • Keep ‘Em Full. Keep birdbaths clean and full.