1. Using a clean, sharp, Corona Bypass Pruner or saw, remove all dead, broken and diseased wood. Make all cuts just above an outward-facing branch or node and treat with Bonide Tree Sealer.
  2. For one- or two-year old trees remove about two-thirds of the previous year's growth. This, and all subsequent pruning should be done with an eye towards evenly-spaced branches and keeping the center of the tree open.

  3. Remove weak, spindly (unproductive) growth as well as any suckers (vertical growth originating at the base of the tree below the graft).
  4. Remove all tree litter and debris from under the tree.
  5. Remove all leaves if possible, and clear from under the tree. Apply Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer according to directions for the size of tree. Water well.

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