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    When it's hot outside move indoors for some gardening fun. Plant a mini garden in glass. Get creative planting your terrarium to show off your personal style. Not only is it fun to choose plants for your terrarium, it's also fun to choose decorative elements to use a top dressing for the soil.































    Mosses  - Mosses offer great texture and an earthy element.

    • Mood Moss - thick, green and mounding.
    • Reindeer Moss - fluffy and silvery gray clumps.
    • Spanish Moss - gray with long curly strands.
    • Green Spanish moss - Spanish Moss dyed green.
    • Sheet moss - great green texture that lies flat.
    • Chartreuse green Reindeer Moss - Reindeer Moss that has been dyed the bright color.


    Decorative Rock - whether creating a layered effect or sprinkling in a handful for an accent decorative rock looks great in terrariums. Larger stones can be tucked in moss individual as architectural elements.


    Colorful Glass - tumbled glass can create so many wonderful effects in terrariums. Use blue glass to look like water or top river pebbles with gold glass to create a shimmering sunset effect.

    • Tumbled glass comes in a variety of colors including clear, gold, red, black, green, teal, and blue.




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