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    An effortless endeavor
    Succulents need very little care. Supply them with sun, a little water and voila! You’ve got an interesting and easy-to-maintain display. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems and roots, making them able to survive for long dry periods. Great for those of us who sometimes forget to water.

    Contemporary and unique designs

    Whether placed in homes or gardens, succulents make a memorable presentation. Stunning colors, textures and versatility make succulents great for indoor and outdoor use.

    As houseplants
    Adaptable and durable, succulents require less water than other houseplants and are great additions to home décor. Place in an area that receives full to partial sun.

    In the garden
    Create small, mass plantings around rocks, fountains and statues or accent garden with potted succulents. Place in a location that receives full sun.


    Here are some tips for successful succulent planting:

    In pots

    Single plant in pot

    • Pot should be a little bigger than body of plant.
    • Fill bottom of pot with 1” of pea gravel.
    • Fill ¾ of pot with potting soil. We recommend E.B. Stone Cactus Mix, which retains moisture and allows proper water drainage. Perfect for succulents!
    • Place succulent in soil and fill remainder of the pot with soil. Gently mound soil around plant base.
    • Water thoroughly and place in a sunny location.


    Grouped plants in pot

    • Select a large, shallow pot.
    • Fill bottom of pot with 1” of pea gravel.
    • Fill pot with E.B. Stone Cactus Mix.
    • Choose plants of varying height, shape, size and colors. Arrange according to view.


    Viewed from all sides
    Place larger plants in the middle, with smaller, descending sizes around it.

    Viewed from one angle
    Place larger plants in back, with smaller plants in front. Plant trailing and creeping varieties toward sides and front.


    In gardens

    • Select a location that receives full sun.
    • For an ideal garden soil, we suggest mixing one part E.B. Stone Planting Compost with one part E.B. Stone Perlite.
    • Add soil mix to garden and create small holes for planting. Group in mass plantings, circular designs and around garden focal points. Have fun and be creative!
    • Place plants into the holes and gently mound soil around plant base.
    • Water garden thoroughly and enjoy your carefree succulent garden.


    Succulent care
    Care for succulents is minimal. Here are some helpful tips:

    • Water when top 1” of soil feels dry to the touch. Soak soil thoroughly when watering.
    • During warmer months, use a low nitrogen fertilizer to ensure strong, healthy plants. We recommend using Grow More Cactus Juice for maximum growth and vitality.


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