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  • Simple Succulent Container

    DIY Simple Succulent ContainerSun Project
    Project time: 15 minutes

    Put together this simple and easy succulent container for yourself or as a gift. Add a seashell from your recent trip to the beach to personalize it.

    Fill the container 2/3 full of Cactus and Succulent Potting soil. Remove the succulents from their pots (mix and match succulents with different colors and textures). Arrange the succulents in the pot and fill in around their rootballs with more potting soil. Top dress the container with decorative rocks and add a seashell.

    Shopping list:

    1 – 8 inch terra cotta pot
    1 – 4 inch Echeveria bifida

    1 – 4 inch Crassula perforate
    1 – 4 inch  Cotyledon ladismithiensis ‘Bear’s Paws’
    1 – bag Cactus Potting Soil
    1 – bag decorative stones


    Simple Succulent container DIY RecipeRecipe:

    A – Echeveria bifida
    B – Crassula perforate
    C – Cotyledon ladismithiensis ‘Bear’s Paws’


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