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    At Armstrong Garden Centers, we are committed to helping our customers and neighboring gardening communities learn how to garden responsibly by creating waterwise landscapes that allow them to enjoy their outdoor spaces as much as they ever have.


    President and COO Monte Enright led the initiative


    "As a native Californian, I don’t believe that giving up and accepting that ‘brown is the new green,’ is how we deal with the stewardship of our state. As a responsible horticulturist, I would like you to know that is doesn’t have to be that way."

                                                – Monte Enright, President and COO of Armstrong Garden Centers


    The Pasadena Garden was transformed in 2014

    In the summer of 2014 we replaced the original garden in front of our Pasadena store with a new waterwise landscape. We installed the garden to both teach and show homeowners various waterwise garden options that they can incorporate into their own landscapes. These options not only help with California's mandate to reduce water consumption by 25% during the drought, but making these changes provides long-term water saving solutions while preserving the beautiful look of California's landscapes.


    The Garden was installed to provide inspiration and information

    We wanted to make the garden beautiful for the neighborhood while incorporating the many options homeowners have in transitioning their own landscapes into waterwise gardens. We included various lawn options since most grasses are very thirsty. The lawn alternatives in the garden include artificial grass, UC Verde buffalo grass, and decomposed granite walkways. We also incorporated a variety of colorful succulents that provide texture to the garden both in a bed in the front and a fountain overflowing with succulents. The garden includes a variety of waterwise plants that serve as the foundation and in many cases also provides color. Homeowners can choose a wide breadth of waterwise plants from ground covers, perennials, shrubs and more.


    Responsible irrigation is important

    An important part of any waterwise garden is responsible irrigation. The Pasadena Waterwise Garden uses drip irrigation that slowly releases water directly at the plants roots for the most effective form of watering. A rain barrel was installed to capture the rain from the roof of the building and store it for supplemental watering. After the garden’s irrigation and plants were installed, mulch was used to help regulate the soil temperature and retain moisture.


    And, we added a bench flanked with waterwise container gardens, so that visitors to the garden have a place to rest and enjoy the garden.


    What the future holds...

    In the next few weeks new waterwise garden installations will be completed at other Armstrong Garden Center locations, including: Costa Mesa, Torrance, La Habra, San Juan Capistrano. Claremont, Glendora, La Canada, Westchester, El Cajon and  Dublin.



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