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    Harvest Veggies & Herbs from Your Kitchen
    Grow your own fresh veggies, herbs and more right in your kitchen! Choose from a hydroponics growing kit or indoor gardening station.


    Getting Started
    Ready to grow indoors? Take time to consider where in your home you’d like to setup the garden, how big is that space, what is the current light and your budget. Also, think about how much or how little time you want to invest in your harvest. Once you’ve given those items some thought stop by Armstrong Garden Centers and our friendly garden experts can help you get started or expand your indoor garden.


    Passive versus Active Growing Systems
    If you’re new to indoor gardening a passive growing system is your best choice. Passive growing uses a wicking material to draw nutrients up to the plants roots. Typically, passive growing systems use hydroponics where the root tips are suspended in the water while the main root ball hangs in the air. This is great for growing small plants.

    An active growing system is best for larger plants or indoor gardens. It utilizes a pump and timer to flow the nutrients to the plant roots and the pump also provides needed aeration. An active system is more efficient and once set up needs less care.


    Hydroponics versus Traditional Indoor Gardens
    A hydroponics growing system allows you to grow plants without any dirt or sunshine! The plants receive their complete nutrients from the water and plants’ roots are anchored in a plank. Hydroponics allows you to grow more plants with less space and the plants grow faster. That means a quicker, more abundant harvest for you! Plants growing hydroponically are less susceptible to soil-borne disease or pests and no weeding is needed. Once you invest in a hydroponics system growing is very economical since you’ll just need to purchase new plants and fertilizer as needed.

    Grow plants for harvesting or start your own plants to later go in the garden with a traditional indoor growing system. First, choose a tray and growing medium like coco coir peat bricks with a high air to water ratio for great water retention and aeration or clay pebbles that are 100% natural, are clean, pH stable and offer aeration and drainage. You’ll need to place your garden on a heating pad to help seeds germinate and provide a more consistent temperature. The last aspect of the garden is light. Choose a plant light based on current lighting conditions, the light requirements of the plants and the size of your indoor garden. Setting up a traditional indoor garden takes more time initially but very little care is needed since it will run on a timer.


    Our Experts are Ready to Help You Get Started

     San Anselmo Temecula Torrance (Coming Soon)


    Easy Indoor Gardening Kits


    Salad Box Hydroponic Salad Garden Kit


    Start growing your own salad greens and other plants indoors using soil-free hydroponics. The salad box uses passive hydroponics for clean and easy growing. Mix the powder nutrient included with water and pour into the reservoir, then wrap the root ball of each seedling with the included “root wraps”. Place each wrapped seedling into a net pot, pair with a grow light (sold separately) and you’ll be enjoying your harvest in no time!


    Kit includes:

    1 - Reservoir tray
    1 - Top plate lid with eight plant sites
    1 - Top-off bottle with cap
    8 - Net cups
    8 - Root wraps
    1 - Packet of general purpose nutrient
    6 - Drain plugs
    & Instructions booklet


    OxyClone 20 Site Cloning System

    Propagate your favorite plants by taking a cutting from an existing plant and helping it establish into its own plant with this compact, recirculating cloning system. This active hydroponic system is powered by Active Aqua’s premium, BPA-free water and air pumps. The submersible pump continually agitates the water reservoir while the attached Venturi valve naturally draws in air bubbles. The system allows for maximum aeration for propagating success.




    Jump Start 24-Cell Grow Plug Mini Germination Station with Heat Mat

    Start growing your own seedlings indoors year-round with this compact starter kit. The germination station has a heated mat and vented domes to give plants just the right amount of heat and humidity for successful germination and healthier plants.



    Kit includes:

    1 - Vented dome 2 Inches
    1 - 24-Cell seedling inserts
    1 - UL Listed heat mat 6 x 13 Inches
    1 - Waterproof tray
    24 - Grow plugs
    1 - Rooting additive