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Armstrong Garden Centers can help with your gardening dilemma. Watch instructional how-to videos to show you how to create a great landscape or garden.
  • How-To Video: Edibles for Summer Gardens

    Harvesting your own, super-fresh vegetables and fruit is one of the best things about summer. It’s so easy to do, and nothing tastes better than “home grown”! Spring and early summer is the time to plant summer veggies like peppers, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, melons and strawberries. Selecting the site Full sun (at [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting and Growing Paperwhites

    Paperwhites are a form of narcissus, related to daffodils. They are highly fragrant and very easy to grow! Choose large, firm bulbs Three ways to grow: In water only, water in gravel, in soil: Water: use a special forcing vase that holds bulb just at top of water  Water in gravel: (planter with NO drainage [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Choosing Spring Flowers for Your Garden

    Spring flowers can enhance the color of your garden with minimal effort. Spring is all about bright, happy colors. What’s a spring garden without yellow, pink, and purple? I’ll show you some of the most popular, easy-to-grow spring flowers. Impatiens – The most popular flower in America. They are great for shade [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting a Container Garden

    Gardening in pots or containers is fun and easy. You can dedicate as much or as little time and space as you want. Container gardens require little work, can be creative, and can change quickly. The only “must” requirement: regular watering. Choose your pot (make sure it has holes for drainage) Lightweight [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting a Hanging Basket

    Learn how to make the most out of your hanging baskets by learning about soil prep to adding a wide variety of different plants so you can make your garden look beautiful. Planting a hanging basket is very easy and very rewarding. It’s fun to experiment and be creative with different [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Fuchsia Basics

    Fuchsias are unlike any other plant because most their beauty comes from underneath with their ornament like blossoms which makes them great for pots or hanging baskets. They are also great in the shade and provide tons of color. There’s nothing quite like fuchsias, and it’s always exciting when they first [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting Blueberries

    Tips for Planting Blueberries, which also applies to other types of Berries. Blueberries are a great shrub that will provide you with year-round interest. They will also provide you with great tasting fruit.  Blueberries are beautiful plants in all of California’s seasons. You get beautiful white bell-shaped flowers in early spring, succulent blue/purple berries [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Herb Basics

    Nothing’s better than fresh herbs added to foods. Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. They can be grown in the ground or in pots. Most herbs like full sun and regular water. Choosing your herbs Grow what you’ll use—what are your favorites? Grow what’s expensive to buy in the grocery [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Favorite Shrubs for California Gardens

    It's a good idea to use shrubs in your garden for a couple of reasons. They are easy to care for, they are low maintenance, and usually provide greenery year around. In order for a shrub to become a California favorite, it has to look good 12 months of the year [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Citrus Basics

    California is a great place to grow citrus plants in home gardens because of its warm climate. In fact, every garden should have a citrus plant whether you grow it in a pot or a garden. Growing citruses of all types is very easy and there are lots of citrus varieties [...] Read Full Article
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