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  • Houseplants for Healthy Living

    Today, stress is a part of life -- choices, responsibilities and many other factors can cause fatigue and stress in our lives. The typical person spends 90 percent of a day indoors away from the natural world; many stresses can be traced back to our indoor environment and caused by nature deprivation. Making plants as important to your interior design and decorating as the paint color or carpet texture helps us understand our need for nature to help relieve our stress and taps into a great source of mental and physical benefits.

    • Reduces pollutants such as Benzene (paint, smoke, plastics), Formaldehyde (wood, carpet, foam) and TCE (cleaning solvents)
    • Increases a room's humidity
    • Five minutes a day spent caring for plants reduces stress levels
    • Certain plants can reduce pollutants up to 87 percent in 24 hours
    • The presence of plants can provide a sense of health and well-being