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  • Grow Your Own Salsa Garden

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Grow your own salsa garden at home to enjoy this summer! Even in the smallest spaces you can grow your own salsa garden in a container.  We'll show you how in 5 easy steps.


    1. Choose your container. Its important to pick a container with good drainage. Look for drainage holes in the bottom of the container.

    2. Add good quality potting soil. Edna's Best Potting Soil by E.B. Stone Organics will give your garden nutrients they need and provide good drainage. Fill the bottom of the pot with potting soil.

    3. Pick your plants. Choose a tomato, pepper, cilantro, and chives. If you are planting in a container it will be best to choose a smaller variety of tomato like a patio tomato.

    4. Plant and fertilize. Sprinkle some Sure Start Fertilizer on the soil in your pot then place the tomato in the center of the pot with the pepper, Cilantro and chives on the edge. Fill in around each with potting soil and tamp down the soil.

    5. Water your new garden in right away. Continue to water the garden regularly throughout the summer. A consistent amount of water is important for tomotoes. It keeps the fruit from splitting.


    Now, place your new Salsa Container garden in a spot that receives 6 - 8 hours of sun a day and in no time you'll be able to make your own salsa - straight from your garden.


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