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Gardening A-Z

Armstrong Garden Centers has advice and tips to help you garden without the guesswork!


Agave | An All-American Outdoor Room | The Armstrong Grown Difference | Attracting Good Bugs to Your GardenAvocados B to ZBamboo: A Beginner's GuideChoosing a Garden Fountain | Christmas Tree Tips | Citrus Variety Guide | Conserving Water in Your Garden | Create a Succulent Container | Curb Appeal | Determining Your Soil Type | Fall Favorites: Mums, Pumpkins, & MoreFertilizer Basics | Five BIG Ideas for Fall Gardens | Five Good Bugs for Your Garden | Five Plants to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies | Fruit Tree Chill Hours | Garden Tool Basics | Gardening 101 - An Introduction to Gardening from the Experts | Garland Measurements | Get Ready for Summer | The Great American Backyard | Great Garden Color from Out-of-the-Ordinary Places | Houseplants for Healthy Living | Hydrangeas for Mom | The Making of an Armstrong-Grown Poinsettia | Mulch | Mums | New Flowers for Containers and Flowerbeds | Paperwhites: A Fragrant Holiday Classic | Pumpkins: Creative Ideas for Your Home | Rainy Day Inspiration - 7 Fun Things to Do | Save Water - Have Your Dream Garden Too! | The Secret Power of Perennials | Seven Steps to a Successful Landscape | Spend Easter Outdoors | Spring Birding Guide | Spring Has Arrived! | Thanksgiving Poinsettias | Tips for Selecting the Right Fruit Tree for Your Garden | Top 5 Fall Veggies to Plant Now | Transforming Your Outdoor Space | What is Deadheading?

  • Great Garden Color from Out-of-the-Ordinary Plants

    Looking for a fresh, interesting way to liven up your garden for spring and summer? Armstrong Garden Centers is always searching for exciting new plants to make gardens interesting. Each season we introduce (after trialing and testing) our latest colorful finds [...] Read Full Article
  • Determining your Soil Type

    What Type of Soil Do I Have? How Can I Improve It?   Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants If your soil is healthy and full of life, your plants will be healthy and happy too. All types of soils benefit from adding decomposed organic matter. It’s really impossible to have too much organic matter [...] Read Full Article
  • 5 Plants to Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies

    If you are looking to add a little flutter to your garden, check out these plants that Butterflies and Hummingbirds love!   Get more tips and ideas in the Garden Living Blog > View our upcoming classes > Read Full Article
  • An All-American Outdoor Room

    Shop the 5 elements you need to create your outdoor room this Summer.           Read Full Article
  • 5 Good Bugs for Your Garden

    1. Ladybugs Besides being fun to discover and beautiful to look at, Ladybugs are great for getting rid of “bag bugs.” They feed on aphids, mites, scale, thrips, whiteflies, mealybugs and other slow-moving, soft-bodied insects, larva and eggs. A single ladybug can eat up to 5,000 aphids during its lifetime. They’ll [...] Read Full Article
  • Citrus Variety Guide

    Citrus trees are the perfect, edible addition to any backyard. If you're short on space plant a dwarf citrus tree in a pot. View our Citrus Garden Guide for care tips > View our Citrus Basic How To Video for planting tips > Variety Fruit Season Tree Size Description Orange: Valencia March to October 6 - 8 foot shrub The best [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardening 101 - An Introduction to Gardening from the Experts

    We understand gardening can seem intimidating to a new or beginner gardener. Today we’ll teach you about the basics of gardening. However, if you remember nothing else remember these two things: Some plants will die. We are working with nature and sometimes a plant that should work in your yard [...] Read Full Article
  • The Armstrong Grown Difference

    Why Grow Plants Ourselves? Many years ago, Armstrong Garden Centers determined that to provide our customers with the very best selection of the highest-quality plants every single day, we would need to grow them ourselves. Most garden centers and nurseries sell plants that are grown by a network of growers with varying [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangeas for Mom

    Hydrangeas Never Go Out of Style   Shooting Star Lacecap Hydrangea Casual and Elegant A true garden classic, hydrangeas have associations with both American backyards and Mediterranean villas. That’s part of what makes them so perfect for California gardens. They’re casual, but elegant. And they grow beautifully with very little care.   Three Popular Types It’s the [...] Read Full Article
  • Get Ready for Summer

    Simple projects completed in spring can create a garden that’s perfect for summer relaxation and enjoyment.   Read Full Article
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