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Armstrong's Garden Living Blog Banner Timely tips and ideas all year to inspire you and help you succeed with your garden.
  • Best Selling Trees and Shrubs

    You've spoken, and these are your favorite trees and shrubs at Armstrong. They are workhorses in the garden. They provide structure, form, and interest in the landscape. They also provide a backdrop for other shrubs, perennials, and flowering annuals.    Japanese Maple -  Choose an upright or weeping variety of Japanese Maple. You [...] Read Full Article
  • Say it with Roses

    Express Yourself - Say it with Roses It's almost Valentine's Day and we have an idea for you -  send a message to your Valentine with roses. Give a rose that your sweetheart can plant in the garden to enjoy as it blooms year after year. Like Valentine's candy hearts, the [...] Read Full Article
  • Four Popular & Easy Houseplants

    Four Popular & Easy Houseplants Growing houseplants indoors improves our home or office environments by providing a beautiful green aesthetic that reduces stress. They also improve our air quality by removing toxic contaminants that are in the air. There are four houseplants that are not only popular, but also easy to [...] Read Full Article
  • Tips for Christmas Decorating

    Decorating your home for Christmas is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Here are some handy tips and ideas to make decorating simple and easy. Outside Start at the curb. Greet your neighbors with Christmas cheer by decorating along a fence or retaining wall. Cedar garland is inexpensive [...] Read Full Article
  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree Nothing says Christmas like the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Here are some tips for choosing the best and freshest Christmas tree. Purchase a Christmas tree that was re-cut upon arrival and is standing in water. This will ensure that it will continue to absorb water once [...] Read Full Article
  • Thanksgiving Table

    Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to decorate for with items from the garden. Pick fall leaves, berries, fruit, herbs, and fall flowers. Here are some ideas to get you started.   Fall Leaves Bundle a group of leaves together and place in several small vases. Place a colorful leaf at each place. Write guest's [...] Read Full Article
  • Cool Season Favorites

    Cool Season Favorites These cool plants will brighten any dull winter day! Their showy foliage and blooms will give your garden a pop of color fall through spring.  Cyclamen Cyclamen have large, delicate flowers that sit above pretty clumps of green [...] Read Full Article
  • Flower Tower

    Create a Fall Flower Tower If you're having company over for Thanksgiving or a holiday party, a flower tower, is an easy and beautiful way to add seasonal colors to your buffet or serving tables. Recently, Patty Cordero, from Armstrong Garden Center's Morena location, stopped by San Diego Living and shared how [...] Read Full Article
  • Fabulous Foliage - Heucheras

    Fabulous Foliage - Heucheras Heucheras are also known as Coral Bells. They are hardy perennials that are native to North America. Growers have developed many different varieties, hybrids and crosses of heucheras giving us a large variety of the beautiful plants to choose from. While they have pretty clusters of small flowers [...] Read Full Article
  • A Month of Pumpkins

    31 days of pumpkins... Pumpkin lovers wait all year for pumpkin season. We just can't get enough pumpkins... and they are only here for a limited time! 80% of the annual pumpkin crops are available in the month of October. So let's take advantage of the season and use those [...] Read Full Article
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