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DIY Ideas

DIY ideas to inspire you all year for your California home and garden.
  • Hummingbird Container Garden

    Full Sun Project Project Time:  30 Minutes Whether your outdoor space is big or small you can attract and enjoy beautiful hummingbirds. This container garden is designed with flowers that hummingbirds love!    Shopping List: 1 Large Glazed Container 38 inches wide or bigger 1 – 1 gallon Purple Fountain grass 1 – 4 inch Coleus 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • Colorful Shade Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes Hot pink and green foliage and flowers create a striking, bold, and colorful container garden for the shade.  Create a container with plants that are the thrillers, fillers, spillers of the garden.  Cordyline adds architecture and drama as the thriller plant, New Guinea Impatiens, Coleus and Caladium [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Container

     Full Sun Project Succulents and aloes provide wonderful, low-care architectural interest, and are great choices for containers. The rosette of a red Aeonium becomes the focal point and a stonecrop spills out to the side.   Project Shopping List 1 - Glazed Pot 20 Inches 1 - E.B. Stone Edna's Best Potting Soil 1 - E.B. Stone [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Tower Garden

     Full Sun Project This full sun succulent container garden is actually 4 container gardens in one. Starting with a large low bowl, then stacking smaller containers on top. The string of pearls succulents give the cascading effect of water in a fountain. Have fun mixing containers and planting different textures and [...] Read Full Article
  • Modern Indoor Succulent Idea

     Indoor Bright Light Project This modern indoor arrangement is a indoor bright light project that is easy to maintain. Place this succulent and air plant arrangement near a sunny window away from hot direct afternoon sun.   Shopping list: 1 - Glass bowl 1 - Bag of polished black gravel 1 - Bag of potting soil 1 - Bag of [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Container Garden Urn

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes This container garden is perfect for shady summer gardens. This garden combines a blooming hydrangea, impatiens, and indoor plants which add foliage color. Houseplants like Aglaonemas (Chinese Evergreens), Rex Begonias, and Arrowhead vines love spending the summer outside in the shade. Shopping List: 1 – Urn 24 inch wide [...] Read Full Article
  • Blooming Hydrangea Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes Plant this container for a shady spot in your garden. It's full of soft hues of blue and white and packed full of texture. The hydrangea is the star of the show. The foliage of the Hosta, Carex and Foxtail fern fill the container with texture [...] Read Full Article
  • Plant a Mixed Border

    Mixed boarders overflowing with flowering plants seem to be everyone's ideal. Containing a mixture of perennials and annuals and evening flowering shrubs, they'll provide gorgeous color from early spring through fall. This project will take most of a weekend, but will be well worth it! Plant List: Daylily Yarrow Garden Phlox Delphinium Liatris Encore Azalea Purple Coneflower Black and [...] Read Full Article
  • Plant a Butterfly Garden

    You'll be rewarded every time you see butterflies fluttering about as they gather nectar from your beautiful garden. Plant List: Dill Rudbeckia Butterfly Bush Autumn Joy Sedum Parsley Asclepias Monarda Fountain Grass Lantana Veronica Purple Coneflower Step 1 Choose a sunny site. Step 2 Amend the soil. Apply plenty of E.B. Stone Planting Compost at a 50/50 ratio with the native soil and a pre-plant fertilizer like E.B. Stone Sure Start, following directions. Turn [...] Read Full Article
  • Plant a Mixed Herb Container

    The satisfaction you’ll get from this easy project will have you searching for more pots and containers. Plant List: Oregano Parsley Thyme Chives Tricolor Sage Basil Rosemary Step 1 Choose a container; glazed ceramic or terracotta pots work well. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all the herbs you’ll want to include and has a hole in the bottom for drainage. Step 2 Choose your herbs [...] Read Full Article
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