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  • Christmas Tree Tips

    Look for a healthy green color.
    When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should hold tight and be flexible, not stiff and brittle.

    Make a fresh cut along the bottom of the trunk.
    This will enable the tree to absorb more water – we do this for you for FREE prior to loading!

    Use a tree stand that holds at least one gallon of water.
    Never let the water level drop below the bottom of the trunk, or it will develop a sap seal that prevents water absorption.

    Add tree preservative to prolong the life and beauty
    of your tree - needles will stay fresher, softer and more fragrant! Starting at just $2.99!

    To prevent drying and fire hazards, keep tree away from direct heat sources
    such as candles, fireplaces, wood stoves or heating vents.

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