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Save water now or lose a lot more later.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Save water now or lose a lot more later.

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The San Diego County Water Authority unveiled a new campaign this week called "When in Drought."

"The look for our winter ahead of us isn't looking too promising," said SDCWA Public Outreach Director Jason Foster. "The more water we can save now, the better off we'll be to endure those cutbacks next year."

California would benefit from a healthy winter with at least 150 percent of its normal snow and rainfall.

"We would need, really, an above average precipitation, rainfall, snow pack here in California to really help us out," said SDCWA Water Resources Manager Dana Friehauf.

However, if San Diegans do not conserve enough and Mother Nature is not generous with her precipitation, the SDCWA could move to a Level Three Drought Critical. Right now, the county is at a Level Two Drought Alert, which requires 20 percent reductions in water use. Level Three would mandate 40 percent cuts. It is something San Diego has never done.

San Diegans appear to be getting the message. Armstrong Garden Center manager Jon Swanson said he has seen an increase in customers looking to replace their grass yards with drought tolerant plants.

"We stock probably five times the succulents we did 10 years ago," said Swanson.

If San Diegan County moves to a Level Three, water deliveries would be scaled back. That would force individual water districts to develop ways to cut water use even more.

"They could look at additional enforcement actions," said Friehauf. "They could look at additional restrictions."

The SDCWA has more information on WhenInDrought.org. Anyone looking to decrease their water use in their landscaping can find more info at ArmstrongGarden.com.