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  • A Grass that Drinks Responsibly - UC Verde Buffalograss

    UC Verde Buffalograss

    Save up to 75% on water consumption with UC Verde Buffalograss. This low-care, no-care grass option is the only buffalograss bred in California that requires little water while giving you a lush, green lawn.


    Save Water
    Native to the United States, buffalograss has a deep root system that grows several feet into the soil. Once established, UC Verde Buffalograss thrives on just one-quarter inch of water per week, resulting in up to a 75% reduction in water consumption. Now that is a truly California waterwise lawn! Buffalograss is often eligible for water rebates in many California cities with limited supplies of water.

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    Less Maintenance, Less Air Pollution
    With UC Verde you can mow your lawn much less often, or not at all. UC Verde will grow to a maximum height of 4- to 6- inches. By mowing less, you will be significantly reducing air pollution in California.


    Less Chemicals
    UC Verde is resistant to most turf-damaging insects, so the need for an insecticide is rare. It also is very dense and aggressive once established, making it difficult for weeds to infest the turf. This means a weed-free lawn with less maintenance.


    Buffalograss growth after 4 weeksBetter for Allergies
    UC Verde buffalograss is the turf grass choice for a pollen-reduced landscape. The American Lung Association recommends using plants with a pollen rating of 6 or less. UC Verde has a pollen rating of 1.


    Easy to Install
    UC Verde is available as small plants, known as “plugs”. These plugs are grown in biodegradable net pots. They will fill in and establish faster than a seeded lawn. Armstrong Garden Centers offers full landscape services and can install a buffalograss lawn for you.


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