Waterwise Consultation

What's Included?

The waterwise home consultation appointment includes our waterwise nursery professional walking your yard to identify ways to reduce outdoor watering and water more effectively.

This includes auditing your sprinkler system for watering effectiveness, testing soil moisture retention, reviewing plant groupings and their water needs and identifying other water-saving opportunities to increase the health of your lawn and garden while reducing water consumption. Our consultant will also review with you, your local water guidelines and available rebates. You will receive a personalized comprehensive analysis of when and how to properly water by month, to maximize watering efficiency and a recommendation* for watering times/days by zones.


Cost: $200

The cost for this service covers two hours of waterwise consultant’s time, and a $50 Armstrong Gift Card usable for in-store purchases. If more than two hours are needed our consultant will let you know and extra hours can be purchased at a rate of $75 per hour.

*We can only give you watering recommendations. We cannot physically adjust your irrigation/timer system.


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